South Georgia Panorama

(30.5 CM X 68.6 CM)

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IMAGE SOURCE: Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, UK

Worsley (in white sweater), Greenstreet and Hurley, dragged the Australian's heavy whole plate camera to the summit of Duce Fell. To gain the last vertical ground before the summit they had to cut steps in the ice and haul the camera up by a rope. This image was taken on the outbound leg, prior to becoming beset in the Weddell Sea.

This panorama image of South Georgia, overlooking Grytviken whaling station in East Cumberland Bay, is comprised of two separate large format plates printed and placed side by side. Mt. Paget, South Georgia's highest peak, rises in the background (9625 ft / 2934 m a.s.l.).

After the epic 17 day open boat journey from Elephant Island, the crew in the James Caird landed on south Georgia's desolate southern shore. To reach one of the whaling stations on the north shore, Shackleton, Crean and Worsley made a 36 hour, 25 mile forced march across the rugged, glaciated spine of the island. They reached Stromness on May 20, 1916 and made arrangements for the rescue of their comrades.

The Endurance can be seen at anchor, far below, near Grytviken whaling Station. Grytviken, the whaling long since abandoned, is now home to the South Georgia Museum, a favourite destination for Antarctic visitors and adventurers.